Crazy Beauty Inventions

Lets take a look at ancient inventions that were invented for the purpose of making people more beautiful. It is safe to say that this looks rather scary from todays point of view. However, it was something that women in the 1930’s and 40’s were offered. Today, the same women would probably get better results by visiting a beauty salon or buy a cream.

Machine  invented in 1930 to assist in proper application of makeup.

Vintage Sun protection “cream”.

Foot massage that allegedly promoted weight loss.

Freezing freckles with carbon dioxide.

Suck away spots on the skin.

No info on whats going on here!

Warming up the face, as a way to improve the blood circulation, making the skin younger.

Rubber “face masks” to smooth out wrinkles.
Today, these masks are used in a completely different sphere of life!)

This procedure may still be alive.

Fruit mask without masks and creams.

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