Heavy Eyes and Bright Pink Lips – Makeup of the ’80s

Every decade has its trends when it comes to fashion and from looking at history we can see that makeup also follows these trends. The trends change all the time, today contouring and baking is all the rage but tomorrow it might be something completely different. The ’80s are no exception!

The ’80s were a time of bright colors, flashy fashion, crazy hair and the makeup was of course no exception. Eyeshadows were colorful and cheeks were pink. Bright, bold and flashy were the go to words for make up during the ’80s.

The fashion queen and singer Cyndi Lauper was rocking a standard ’80s look.

Heavy eye makeup was all the rave at the time. Thick eyeliner combined with striking eyeshadow, often blue or orange creating dramatic eyes. There was no skimping on the bright pink blush. The blusher is one of the most recognizable trends of the ’80s makeup. It was applied in a strong manner and the edges not blended out. In fact, it was used as a contouring product.

Singer Cyndi Lauper was one of the most popular pop singers of the ’80s and had a striking style and use of bold lipstick. Even though the eyes and cheeks were highlighted and striking the lips were not left out and they were most often painted in bright colors and dark lip liner was also a thing.  

The pop queen Madonna has always had a striking style, the ’80s were no exception. Look at the bright pink lips!

As mentioned before bold and bright colors were everywhere at the time and a bright pink was especially popular. It didn’t matter if it were jelly shoes, clothes or makeup – everything was bright pink. Eyebrows on the other hand were one of the few things left untouched and natural.

The eyeshadow was in every color. Orange, red, blue, yellow, purple or all combined!

The ‘80s was a colorful time were the girls and women tried out bold looks and heavy makeup. It was a fun time and it’s always fun to look back at the ‘80s trends and style. Some of those trends have had a comeback while others just make you think: What were they thinking? It was the decade of fearlessly applying bold blue eyeshadow and combining it with bright pink lips and cheeks. The famous line from Cyndi Lauper’s hit Girls Just Want To Have Fun certainly applies for beauty trends of the ‘80s. Today you mainly see the ‘80s makeup trends during theme parties but some of those trends do have subtle comebacks so keep your eyes open for bright pink cheeks and dark lip liner.

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